Sunday, October 6, 2013


I was a lonely teenager, I had maybe 2 friends in high school and so when my younger brother got his first girlfriend I was totally jealous. She ended up staying at our house all the time and sometimes she slept over, I liked her as a person but I was sooooo jealous of their relationship that I did bad things to her and she never knew. I put Magnesium Citrate (liquid laxative) in her juice and she got really sick, I filled her leather shoes with water so many times that they fell apart, I brushed the toilet with her toothbrush and she never knew it, I let the air out of her tires so she missed work, I put dirt in her shampoo, and in her laundry while it was in the washer. I am married now and so is she she has 2 kids and we are the best of friends...but everytime I see her I feel bad because she never knew about the things I did to her and the guilt eats away at my very soul...but I can never tell!

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