Monday, October 14, 2013

Uncle Raped me

When I was about 7, My uncle uncle tended to touch me in.. bad places. I thought that it wasn't a bad thing. He did all the time.. like when he hugged me, he would touch my butt..and on sundays, my grandmother would be having sunday supper. And, me and my uncle, and my brother, would go in a room, and have a tickle fight, and I was wondering why he was tickeling me down there. I didn't understand. last summer.. I had to gomileage to my aunts and uncles trailor.. I did.. One night, my aunt went out for some groceries.. and I was alone with him.. watching TV. He came over to me, put his hand on my mouth so I couldn't scream, and he raped me... That happpened when I was 14... and that was the first time.. I am now 15, and it happened 3 times so far. I confess that I am plotting revenge on my uncle. And I WILL kill that bastard for what he did to me.

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