Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sex before Marriage is a Sin

I come from a long, long line of Muslims; and if there was a question about what religion I'm from, I'd say Islam. I have no doubts about my religion, and Islam is a truly beautiful one. I know this site mainly revolves around Christianity, but it should still feel good to confess. Anyways, I'm Muslim, and like in Christianity sex before marriage is a big no-no; more so in Islam as it is considered the biggest sin to do it. But I have had sex since age 14. I've had many pregnancy scares although I've never actually gotten pregnant. Many nights I've woken up to think of my stupidity and I vow not to do it again but I can't stop. If my parents ever knew this about me, I would be turned away, shunned, thrown out of the house. I am one of those girls who do things because they're so dangerous to do; regrets it; and then does it again. I really don't know how to stop myself. I hope this does not make others think of Islam as a bad religion. I do not deserve to call myself Muslim. Forgive me.

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