Thursday, October 10, 2013

Molestation of a Sister

When I was in junior high, I used my sister for my pleasure. One night after school we were doing homework in front of the t.v. She was tired and fell into a deep sleep. She was dreaming and began swinging her arms around and almost hit me. So I grabbed her arm and forced her arm under mine. In a few minutes I looked down and realized her hand was between my legs. I tried to ignore her hand, but soon I felt a lump start to swell in my jeans. I fought the thoughts for a while. Then I weakened. I carefully un-zipped my zipper, reached inside and pulled my cock into the open. Then I gently moved her hand up to him. Then I closed her fingers over my cock. It felt real good, so using my hand on top of hers, I began stroking up and down, in just several minutes I climaxed all over her and her hand. She still had a death grip on me, so I tried to clean my sperm off her arm, hand, and fingers. As I looked down at her tight grip on my cock, I began growing hard again. Then I did the most terrible act, I took some sperm and started rubbing it on her body. I took a finger with sperm on the tip and gently rubbed her face and ears. Then I took and put a few drops on her lips. I almost giggled when she in her sleep, licked her lips. The idea of my snooty up tight, hate her younger brother, licking my sperm off her lips, really turned me hard. So I kept placing a drop or two on her lips and she kept licking it with her tongue. Well I came again in her hand, cleaned up, zipped up, and in about 30 minutes she woke up and said, "I had the strangest dream, I was in this forest and this cool water dripped off this tree and tasted so good, I can still almost taste it". I just smiled and I've never told anyone of this event.

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