Saturday, October 26, 2013

I was Rescued by a Girl

About six months ago, I loose my temper and wrote to various public sites how miserable I was, how hard my life was, that no one liked me and refused to accept my way of life (I am a homosexual), and therefore I was beaten and humiliated. I met her in the comments to my record . She left a comment under my confession : "It is clear, of course, thanks for your awesome funny story ." Seeing this, I exploded . I've never experienced such a fury. I answered her, we were arguing about a week and I couldn't calm down. One day, she wrote that she would wait me near school with a sign  "I am selling torn socks". She did not deceived, she came and gave me the best five months of my life. Every day we walked, she introduced me to her friends, congratulated me with birthday (it was for the first time in my life when somebody, except my mom, said me "Happy birthday to you" ) - she sang near school my favorite song, and our mutual friends played the guitar. At last I got a guy whom I love very much. My life got back to normal, and all thanks to her, the girl with a good heart, who exudes sunshine. Three days ago, she was gone, and today I found out that she was in intensive care. 9th suicide attempt, she also has AIDS and she will die in about six months, because she was raped at the age of 13. And I'm not the first one she pulled out of the abyss of self-reproaching. Two of my newfound friends were the same assholes like me before.

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