Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I am Christian but I love my Life

Doggiestyle dryhumped/danced this really fine chick at the club and then didn't go 2 her place though she wanted me too; then I was asked to slow dance immediately by this other chik so i was kinda busy...my friend l8r told me that I should have went home with her but she had alcohol on her breath and she seemed so desperate that it wasn't funny and I felt so bad for her. Plus I have a thing in which I don't do drunk grrls. I think I am uber-confused right now in my life and where I am going bcuz I am Christian but I am also youthful and want 2 have fun 2. Its hard to strike a balance btwn the 2. Had my first smokes that was last Friday. I love the image. MySpace is way more addictive than nicotine btw. Tho the taste kind of lingers on your mouth. Reminds myself of Vin Diesel.

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