Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dual Personality

People think and only know me as the sweet me who a lot of people admire, care for and think of as someone who'd be an ideal wife for a great man... I believe I deserve that some extent - but the truth is I'm a wolf in sheep clothing and I feel like I'm living 2 seperate lives... I want to be the old me I spoke of in the beginning but she's being misused in every possible way and is in fact someone who takes care of everyone except herself ...incl. when it comes to money. I'm sick of that part of my behavior, however, the other part of me is heavy drinker and misuses drugs (to alot lesser extent than the alcohol) and might be a future criminal but hopefully not because I'm trying to become the old me...with alot of changes so I can live a happier life, with the thinking that I can't change the past but can control the future.

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