Monday, October 7, 2013

Drunken me

I all ways seem to drink for no reason.I can drink socially couple beers,and call it quits.Recently more than that last two years or so i have been drinking alone or with people who don't drink while i do.While i drink i feel as a heavy rock has been lifted off my back,but the next day i feel like shit. I have found my self doing stupid stuff i would not do while i was sober.Make a fool of myself or start fights or something.I love the way alcohol makes me feel.Like I'm better or have more confidence than i did before i got drunk. Whats weird is most of my sexual experience came while i was drunk.stuff i would not do or think of while i was sober,because i feel so shy or not good enough.That all fades when I'm drunk.I thinkit started downhill after I started smoking cigs.

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