Sunday, October 6, 2013


I told my uncle/boyfriend I was pregnant to see what he would do (leave my aunt and be with me) and then he offered to pay for my abortion. I told him I needed $1,000, not knowing that the going rate for vacuuming out your fetus was about 200 smackers. Then about a year later when he'd left my aunt for me, I actually did get pregnant and this time (with the real pregnancy) he wanted to have the baby. I was 17 and he was 40 -- I was sure having a kid that early would ruin my life! So, I had to ask him for the same amount as the first time for the abortion. It's sad to say, but I made a profit on my abortion. I am pretty sure that he knew I was overcharging him but was afraid I would go to the cops/relatives and he'd get nabbed for statutory rape. So, I lied about being pregnant, stole about $1,700 from the would-be father, and killed my unborn child.

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