Monday, November 4, 2013

Apocalyptic Dreams

Always when I go on a bus, I imagine that the apocalypse happened, and my fellow travelers are the last survivors. Then I start to look for a potential victim to continue the human race with her. If I cannot find it, then I immediately leave the bus on the next stop, there is nothing there to try luck with.

Dog Eating Ketchup

I am now sitting at the computer and hear my grandmother laughing hard. I ask her what is wrong, and she says to me, here in the newspaper it’s said that a dog eats ketchup. How I envy my granny, she can be amused by a dog eating ketchup.

Love Sorrows

I was in love one time in the whole life. I had been loving for a long time, I suffered. First love. That's what it was. We parted. Since I had no dates with anybody for a year. And then unexpectedly, I meet a man, easily, just like that. I like everything about him, he is attractive, charismatic, older than me. We started dating, trusted each other. We live in different cities. We go one to other by train. And now his wife writes she is pregnant and that I am destroying her family. How can I feel? It seems I have done nothing wrong and did not know anything, but for her I am now the enemy number one. And I am angry with him, he lied to me. And in reality I don’t know where to escape. He says she is lying. It’s shame.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Toilet Reinforcements

Bringing home a fresh pack of toilet paper, I feel a cool dude from a blockbuster, who have brought reinforcements or ammunition and saved everyone.

Tattoo Bouquet

I have a little tradition. In memory of each of my boyfriend, I tattoo an extra flower on my existing picture in the form of a bouquet. I plan to order such a  bouquet for my wedding and to throw it into a crowd of friends.